Interview Tips

be prepared!

Find out as much as you can about the company including the type of business they are and the work they do. Think about your reasons for wanting the job, run through your experience, even read the CV we’ll have prepared for you!

If you are a school leaver, take along any certificates you may have been awarded, they will be well received.

time it!

Try to ensure that you arrive for your interview at least 5 minutes early and include extra time for parking or walking. You don’t want to arrive flustered or upset. Check the address of the office before you leave, call us for directions if you are still unsure. If you can, practise your route to the interview the day before and allow for traffic or parking problems.

first impressions!

Think about your appearance, there is no need to buy new clothes, but wear something smart, neatly pressed and appropriate for the position. Above all, wear something comfortable. ┬áBe careful that you don’t overdo the make-up, perfume, aftershave or jewellery. ┬áThese can detract from you and your credibility.

get fresh!

Take care with what you eat the previous night and if you need to smoke, freshen your breath before you go into the interview. Switch off your mobile phone! Introduce yourself clearly to the receptionist.


Butterflies can be your best friend. Everyone gets nervous, even the person interviewing you is likely to have a few nerves. Give a firm, dry handshake – wet fish and vice-like grips are equally off-putting. If it helps, carry a paper tissue in your hand until the last minute. Don’t sit down before you are asked to do so.


If you are offered a drink, accept it – even if it never touches your lips – it is there as a prop if the conversation, or your throat dries up! However relaxed the interviewer may be, never invade their personal space by moving closer to them or conversely lounging back in your chair, they have been known to tip!


Honesty is the best policy. Be honest about yourself and your capabilities, don’t over commit yourself. If you are unsure about any aspect of the job or are not sure that you have understood a question properly, ask! The prospective employer should respect you for it. Don’t ask about the salary, let your interviewer introduce it. Don’t be afraid to make notes or take along prepared questions, it shows that you have thought things through.

au revoir!

At the end of the interview thank the interviewer for their time and say how you look forward to hearing from them. Take your lead from them, don’t enter into small talk unless it’s in response to them. If they just want to shake hands and say goodbye, do the same. Don’t linger as they may have another appointment and you may need a strong cup of coffee!

Remember, we’re all behind you and wanting you to succeed!

If in doubt…

If you have any questions or are unsure about any aspect of your interview, please ring us…


We’re here to help!